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Professional manufacturer and seller of drives

R & D, manufacturing and brand marketing

Since the establishment of the company, we have been exploring and striving to become a comprehensive high-quality enterprise;

From the market application [customer demand] to the process control [quality, cost] to the comprehensive consideration of product scheme design [reliability], you will be invincible.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "creating the greatest value for customers", we attach great importance to the improvement of product quality and performance

Do not compete with customers, be willing to work behind the scenes, do your best, do your duty and serve every partner well.

Professional and technical talents

Reliable production quality

Senior R & D talents, according to the requirements of customers to customize professional drive products;

Advanced management concept, to create a professional service system for the majority of users to provide services;

Build a professional service system to provide services for users;

Professional network technology force, breaking the traditional marketing mode, achieving the goal of online sales and online service

Can provide and recommend advanced domestic and imported drivers for customers;

Fully control the production quality and provide you with high quality instruments;

Improve the logistics distribution service and after-sales service system;

Let you have no worries!

Professional distribution and transportation, cross regional service capacity, long-term cooperation with multiple express delivery companies,

Nationwide after-sales service network system, let you find us at any time!

Professional service team, one-to-one technical guidance, to provide you with professional technical services

Professional after-sales service team, 24-hour congratulations on your call, timely solve the problem for you.

We provide you with 7 * 24 system service and product equipment maintenance.


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Tianchang Tianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Anhui Tianchang Tianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful riverside city of Tianchang in the east of Anhui Province. It is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of all kinds of DC motor and AC motor drivers. The company has more than 100 employees, including several senior technicians, with annual production and sales of more than 500000 sets of product... 【MORE】

Common problem[More+]

  • There are many factors that can cause motor failure. The five most common reasons are listed below. However, if the motor is used and maintained correctly and t...

  • Read the error, alarm number on the drive, and then check the manual. If there is no alarm, it is the fault of the driver. Of course, there may be no fault of t...

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